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Tips from 242: Professional Tips From the Office of Career Services

1. Our closet should have at least one full suit. Start with charcoal or navy and avoid patterns and seasonal-specific fabrics (ex. linen). Don’t worry fashionistas, you add in the fun pieces later!

2. Have a few highlights of your own bio memorized. It will come in handy at networking events. “I grew up in Louisiana and decided to go to law school after taking a class in college on the civil rights movement.” It’s YOUR story – learn how to sell it!

3. Career Services is here to review your documents, no in-person meeting required. Email resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes for review: Check the Career Services TWEN page for sample documents.

4. Thank you notes should be hand-written on blank stationery. They don’t need to be anything more than a few sentences thanking each of the members of your interview panel for their time and consideration. Send them the day of your interview, if possible. If you don’t have stationery, ask Career Services for some!

5. Dress Code: Ladies, if you think something is too tight or too low cut, then it probably is. Gentlemen, if you think no one will notice your suit needs pressing or that your pants need hemming, then you would be wrong. If you just aren’t sure about your options, ask Career Services.

6. Nervous about an interview? Everyone is! Career Services can organize a mock interview with local attorneys to give you a chance for interview practice and all-important feedback. Just email the office to schedule your mock interview:  

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