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Peer Leaders

Networking Event

The Peer Leader Program is designed to have ten 2L and ten 3L students become peer leaders and serve as a bridge between faculty and students and assist incoming 1Ls  adjust to LMU law school life, studies, and culture. In that vein, peer leaders meet once a month with the Deans of Admissions, Faculty, and Students to discuss any improvements that might be made to the law school experience both in and out of the classroom, and assist with Bridge Week and other law school activities by mentoring and assisting the incoming first year students. Additionally, peer leaders assist the Dean of Students at particular events and the Office of Admissions with tours of the law school should prospective students want to speak with a student rather than a member of the administration or staff. The peer leaders also host a scholarship/3L celebration dinner in April.

McKenzie Wilson Head Peer Leader

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