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Victoria Ungos

Victoria Ungos

Murfreesboro, TN

“I have enjoyed my time at LMU Law. I have been able to grow with the help of all the wonderful faculty, but especially the ones who pushed my potential when I could not! I am also thankful for our externship program and Professor Ayesh; without the program, I would not have externed at the Knox County DA’s Office where I have been an invaluable legal experience.
Also to Dustin Young, the person who I made become my best friend when I saw him with a PSL in Contracts, law school wouldn’t have been possible without you!
Thank you to my husband, parents, and dogs for all the love throughout this exceptionally hard and rewarding journey!”

Expected Areas of Practice: Criminal Law

Expected location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Achievements: Lincoln Award nominee

Clubs: SBA, Peer Leaders, Criminal Law Society, and NALSA

CALI Award: Legal Foundation I

For descriptions of achievements, click here.

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