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Nathan Wallace

Nathan Wallace

Waverly, TN

“Before enrolling at DSOL I was a lump of coal: filled with potential but lacking in the ability to use it. Now, after three years of heat and pressure this lump of coal has become a diamond. I have each and every one of you to thank for the person I am today. I especially thank everyone who has humored me over the years with our unhinged conversations regarding niche legal conundrums. I am fortunate to have been a member of this class, and made hopeful that the legal field is about to be illuminated by the stellar minds emerging from the LMU Duncan School of Law.”

Expected Area of Practice: public interest law through Legal Aid, or some other area of advocacy.

Expected Location of Practice: East Tennessee.

Achievements: Lincoln Award nominee

Organizations: Peer Leader, Mock Trial Education & Recruitment Chair, Mock Trial Competition Team Member, Cyberlaw Society, Duncan Company ROTC, Cannabis Law Society, Phi Alpha Delta

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