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William Jenkins

William Jenkins

Rogersville, TN

Organizations: Hypothetical and Hopeful Coffee Committee.

Achievements: CALI Award - Torts I, CALI Award - National Security Law, Samuel P. Avery Endowed Scholarship Recipient

"First, I would like to acknowledge that nothing I have done or will do is because of my own attributes or ingenuity. I grew up with incredible parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. In conjunction with countless other friends and supporters, these people have made everything I've ever done possible. I want to thank them for making me who I am, and God for setting it all up that way.

Next, I would like to thank my classmates and law school faculty. I tried to be the model of a low maintenance student, but I accidentally befriended an A-List school celebrity during 1L year (@tgutwein). You all have all given me much more grace than I deserve, and I really do appreciate it.

Finally, after graduation and passing that little thing called the Bar Exam, I will be joining the United States Army JAG Corps. I am sure that somewhere along that path I will look back and wish I could drink bad coffee while hanging out in the atrium one more time. I have had such a good time with all of you.

In the words of LeBron James (while lying about coming up with deluxe albums), "Thank y'all for coming on this ride with me."

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