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Kimberly Trotter

Kimberly Trotter

Knoxville, TN

Organizations: SBA Part-Time Senator, Peer Leader, ABA Legal Education Police Practices Consortium Fellow

Achievements: Duncan Law Merit Scholarship, Phi Alpha Delta Watson Jr. PAD Values Courage Award

"It would take me a lifetime to give back the support I have received during law school. Not a single time that someone has checked on me, encouraged me, or given me an outlet to take a break has gone unnoticed. My friends, my family, and my coworker's encouragement throughout this journey has truly fed my drive for success.
Specifically, I want to thank my dad for giving me the support I needed to change my life and pursue this dream. I want to thank my mom for continuously encouraging me to keep going and believing I could make this happen.
Finally, the unspoken and unmatched quiet support I know I received when I wasn't even aware. Thank you.

"The only remedy for this is to not let it beat you."
- Atticus Finch"

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