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Kendal Alicia Walker

Kendal Alicia Walker

Madison, AL

Organizations: Black Law Students Association- President, Women of the Law Society- Treasurer, Mock Trial Program- Competition Chair, Phi Alpha Delta Watson Jr., Clue CLE Team

CALI Awards: Advance Legal Research Seminar

Expected areas of practice: Criminal and Family Law

Expected location of practice after the bar: Undecided

I would like to thank Professors Long, Professor White, Professor Amarante, and Hesper Capps for always pouring into me and being both a helping hand and a listening ear. The Bar Reviews have been really nice. I’m going to miss talking to Mike and Colby. Thank you thank you thank you Dean McRee for everything! Thank you to all the professors and Deans who attended BLSA’s events this year. Your presence meant more to us than you’ll ever know. I am so grateful to have been able to work closely with the law library as both a teaching assistant and a research assistant. Thanks Professor Beckman for the cool editing opportunity! Thank you to my Mommie (Yes, I’m almost 25 years old and she’s still Mommie lol). You are my strength, my peace, my calm, my unwavering support and love and my continuing drive in life. I love you deeply! Thank you to my Nana and Da for always loving me, supporting me, and making sure I lack nothing for ever and always from wherever you are to wherever I am. You keep me going! I have enjoyed you and loved you for all of my life.

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