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Grant Bradford Klingler

Grant Bradford Klingler

Rankin, MI

Organizations: Cannabis Law Society- President, Anti-Trafficking Advocacy Club- Vice President, Black Law Student Association- Event Coordinator, Mock Trial Program, Criminal Law Society, Phi Alpha Delta Watson Jr., American Association for Justice

Achievements: Cum Laude

Awards: CALI Award: Criminal Law, Critical Race Theory

Expected areas of practice: Criminal Law, Family Law, Workers Compensation

Expected location of practice after the bar: Tennessee, Michigan, New York City, or Chicago.

"Chapter 1: Covid Chaos. Zoom, social distancing, and masks that had us wondering which classmates were actually attractive. Not the tradition law school worries. But they were ours. Chapter 2: Found My People. Katie & Pratista for completing my trio and gaslighting me to keep me on my toes. Jordan for the disc golf adventures and easy laughs. Geran for her relentless support and gullibility. Kate for the pickleball addiction and treasured friendship. Tuttle for his debauchery. Chapter 3: Finish Strong. For their unyielding support I thank my Grandparents, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, and mentor Melanie Reid. Even though I turned down a multi-million dollar modeling contract to go to LMU my family has nevertheless been proud. I'm lucky."

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