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Amber Shouse

Amber Shouse

Santa Rosa, CA

Organizations: Treasurer of OUTLaw - Spring ‘24

Achievements: Duncan Law Merit Scholarship

"I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I have received from my family, friends, mentors, and professors throughout my education. I want to thank my father, Thomas Shouse, and my late mother, Cantrice Shouse, for their unwavering support. I also want to express my appreciation to my younger brothers, Mathew and Donovan, for always cheering me on. To Ann Corria and all the staff members at the Anderson County Public Defender’s Office, thank you for your mentorship and encouragement during this last year of my internship. As for the next steps, I am passionate about human and civil rights, and I plan to work in criminal defense after graduation, with a long-term goal of focusing on public policy."

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